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  • Can I tour the facility?
    Unfortunately we’re not currently giving full tours of the facility. Since we work with human reactive dogs we haven’t found a good way to give full tours without compromising their training programs and our insurance policy. However from reception you will be able to peak into the main training and play room, the outside area, and the upstairs training room.
  • This all sounds great! How do I get started?
    To begin booking services, click here! Your account will allow you to keep us informed on your dog's food, medical, and training needs, and also gives you access to easy communication with us via text. You can upload vet records directly to your profile at any time. Once you've created your account you can begin requesting reservations online. When you request reservations you can also add notes detailing your training goals or your dog's behavioral concerns. Any time you'd like to make reservations in the future you can log in to your account and request the date and service you're interested in.
  • What are your rates?
    You can find the rate for each service on our homepage. Additional charges include pickups between 6pm and 8pm Monday-Friday ($10), and Daycare for boarding pickups after 10am Monday-Saturday. There is also an additional $10 charge for puppies under 1 year old--not applicable to Private Training services. You can find our Holiday Rates here
  • The system says that the date I'm interested in is unavailable. Can I still bring my dog in?
    You're welcome to add your dog to the waitlist. If we receive any cancellations or our availability changes, we will reach out or you will receive a confirmation message. Our facility is by appointment only, and reservations must be approved before you can bring your dog in. If you did not receive a confirmation text or email, your reservation was not approved.
  • What is balanced training?
    Balanced training utilizes a lot of positivity, leadership, and common treat training, but also applies corrections when necessary such as a tug on the leash, removing attention, or a verbal correction like "pssst", "eh-eh", or "no". But every dog is different and we like to keep an open mind to all methods and apply techniques that make the most sense for not only the dog but the owner as well. If we feel that introducing a new training tool such as a prong-collar or e-collar (usually reserved for reactive dogs, and training recall), we will always discuss this in detail with the owner beforehand to make sure everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the use.
  • Do you do a temperament test?
    Yes; otherwise known as an Assessment! We require an Assessment with your dog prior to approving any Board & Train requests. Assessments are also a great option if you're not sure which service is right for you and your dog. On the day of your dog's assessment you'll drop them off at our facility so they can enjoy a day in the yard with the other dogs, some brief training, and some well-deserved rest in between. While we observe your dog during their assessment, we'll get a better understanding of their temperament, training needs, sociability, and which of our services suit them best. They also familiarize your dog with their new environment so that long-term board is not overwhelming or stressful. Overall, assessments give us the opportunity to make sure we are the right facility for your dog.
  • Where does my dog board?
    Boarding dogs stay in our kennel room. We have built in kennels that comfortably accommodate all breeds, small and large! Dogs are unable to see each other from their kennels to ease any potential reactivity or anxiety. When your dog isn't enjoying play time or training, they'll be resting in their own personal kennel. This is where they sleep and eat during their stay.
  • What does my dog's day look like?
    We group dogs by both service and temperament. Generally speaking, most dogs enjoy a few hours in the yard, which is always supervised, and a few hours of rest in their crate or kennel while another group gets to play. If your dog is here for a training service they'll still get to enjoy both of these things with the added benefit of one-on-one training during the day. We send report cards out by text or email in the evenings Monday-Saturday. Your report card will include a brief summary of your dog's time in the yard, along with pictures from their day. If your dog is here for training, you'll receive videos from their trainer, who will break down their session in the report.
  • What are your hours?
    We are open 365 days a year! Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm (pickups after 6pm are charged a $10 late fee) Saturday: 7am-6pm Sunday: CLOSED with the exception of scheduled Boarding drop-offs and pick-ups
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