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Customized Dog Training Programs


How It Works & Pricing

Board and Train Programs

We tailor each program to your dog's specific needs and your training goals. Every dog has their own drives, behaviors, and personalities. We spend time learning and assessing their behaviors before creating a training plan based around your priorities. 

Our programs are comprehensive and include basic obedience training, monitored and controlled socialization, distraction desensitization, and behavior modification. An experienced dog trainer will work one-on-one with your dog using a balanced dog training approach. Dog training is all about consistent reinforcement, so if this is your dogs first time with us we may require a 4 - 6 week minimum for their first stay depending on behaviors and goals. During the Assessment a trainer will discuss all available options for your dog and if any minimums may be required.

Training Reports

Video clips from your dogs training sessions are recorded and sent to your phone daily in their training report. It's critical that you not only get to see your dogs progress in real time, but understand the process. We can train your dog, but if we can't train you the progress we make will disappear. That's why we send training reports with videos, pictures, and a written portion explaining exercises and how it relates to your dog. We make our training process excessively transparent because the more knowledge and information you have the more successful you and your dog will be!

Minimum Requirements

- An Assessment is required for all new clients before a Board & Train can be approved.

- No severe separation anxiety *see below*

- Free of injuries and illnesses

- Up to date on standard vaccines and current boosters (click here for required vaccinations)

- Up to date rabies vaccine (no exceptions, must provide proof of status)

- Ongoing flea and tick prevention

- Female dogs 6+ months must be spayed


New clients may be required to complete a 4 or 6 week program minimum. During the Assessment your trainer will decide which program will be the best fit for your dog. Certain behavioral issues may require a 6 week minimum program. Reservations less than 4 weeks will be charged at $150/night. For each additional day over a program will be charged at $150/night. A 20% deposit is required for reservations. Full payment is due at pick up. Deposits are fully refundable with a cancellation notice of 10 days. Rates do not include a tip for your trainer.

4 WEEK PROGRAM - $4,000

28 days

The 4 week program is for dogs with mild to moderate behavioral issues such as fear, anxiety, or mild reactivity

6 WEEK PROGRAM - $5,700

42 days

The 6 week program fits a majority of dogs with mild to severe behavioral issues. This program allows us to build a deeper relationship with your dog, troubleshoot behaviors to find the best fitting approach, and create stronger habits. Because consistency in training is so important, dogs in the 6 week program see the most improvement. 

An Assessment is required before a Board & Train reservation can be approved. Please view our Assessment page for more informationSpace is limited and holiday breaks fill up quickly. 

*Severe Separation Anxiety

Dogs with severe separation anxiety are not good candidates for this program. If your dog has severe separation anxiety we recommend starting with private training sessions so we can help you ease their anxiety over time and in the proper setting; a Board & Train program is not the right structure and environment to properly improve upon the behavior. If you're unsure if your dog's separation anxiety would be considered severe or not we recommend proceeding with the Assessment Application process. During the assessment we'll be able to identify if the behavior would be considered severe or mild.

Holiday Rates

We are open 365 days a year. Click here to view our holiday rates.

2023 Update: Due to various viral outbreaks in the West LA area over the last couple years, we ask that dogs visiting other high-traffic locations (dog parks/beaches, daycare/boarding facilities) isolate for at least 2 weeks before joining us at The Ranch to prevent the spread of any contagion. We want to do our best to keep all daycare and boarding dogs as safe and healthy as possible! If you notice your dog displaying any symptoms of kennel cough (sneezing, coughing, hacking, runny nose, etc) please cancel or postpone your reservation. Thank you!

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