Playtime. Naptime. Training Time.


boarding at the ranch

Available 365 days a year

Pick-up and drop-off times:
Monday through Saturday 7am - 7pm
Sundays are by appointment only 9am - 5pm

+$10 for puppies
+$10 for pick-ups after 6pm.
Pick-ups after 10am will be charged for daycare

Regular Boarding

*Must first pass a behavioral assessment and be approved for regular boarding by a trainer. Severe separation anxiety and human reactive dogs will be required to use our Board & Train service. Limited availability*

Daily Reports with Pictures & Videos (Free)
Tip not included

Your dog will stay with us and receive daily lessons designed specifically for them and your training goals. We use a balanced dog training approach with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and work with you to reduce behavioral issues.

Minimum Requirements

- No severe separation anxiety (private training recommended)

- Free of injuries and illnesses

- Ongoing flea and tick prevention

- Female dogs 6+ months must be spayed

- Proof of all required vaccinations (Updated for 2022)

Vaccination Requirements

- Up to date on standard vaccines and current boosters (click here for required vaccinations)

- Rabies

- Bordetella

- DHPP (or equivalent variation)

- Leptospirosis (Required starting Jan 1st 2022)

- Canine Influenza (Required starting Jan 1st 2022)

Holiday Rates

We are open 365 days a year. Click here to view our holiday rates.

Boarding is available 365 days a year, subject to availability. A 20% deposit is required for standard boarding reservations that fall on federal holidays as well as reservations between November 1st and January 5th. For Board & Trains a 20% deposit is required year round. Deposits are fully refundable with a cancellation notice of 10 days. For cancellations of 9 days or less the deposit will be forfeited and cannot be applied to future reservations.


*In order for your dog to qualify for regular boarding they must have completed a Board & Train program with us or been approved after a Daycare Training or Private Training assessment .